Bernard de Marcken de Mercken, Belgian baron and politician, Died at 88


Bernard de Marcken de Mercken: Belgian Baron and Politician

Bernard de Marcken de Mercken (1 November 1934 – 5 September 2023) was a notable Belgian figure known for his roles as a baron and a dedicated politician. Affiliated with the Christian Social Party, he made significant contributions during his tenure in the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region from 1989 to 1995.

Born on 1 November 1934, de Marcken de Mercken was an influential member of the Christian Social Party, a political entity known for its contributions to Belgian society. His commitment to public service led him to serve in the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region, a role he undertook diligently for six years.

De Marcken de Mercken’s dedication to the political arena and his tireless efforts to represent the interests of the people were emblematic of his character. His service spanned from 1989 to 1995, during which he played an essential role in shaping policies and advocating for the welfare of the citizens he served.

On 5 September 2023, Bernard de Marcken de Mercken passed away, leaving behind a legacy of public service and a lasting impact on the political landscape of Belgium. At the age of 88, he concluded a lifetime devoted to the betterment of his community and the nation. His contributions and dedication will be remembered and respected for years to come.