Demetrio Carceller Coll, Beverage industry executive, Died at 93


Demetrio Carceller Coll (1929 – September 29, 2023) was a Portuguese billionaire heir and entrepreneur. He inherited significant holdings in two major companies, the petrol station chain Disa Corp and the Spanish brewery Damm, from his father, Demetrio Carceller Segura. Additionally, he was a part-owner in the Spanish food company Ebro Foods and the property company Sacyr.

Early Life and Inheritance

Born in 1929, Demetrio Carceller Coll came into prominence through his inheritance. His father was a significant figure in the business world, and Coll inherited the leadership and ownership of two major companies, Disa Corp and Damm, solidifying his status as a billionaire.

Business Ventures

Disa Corp

The petrol station chain, Disa Corp, is one of the key businesses that Coll inherited. It is a major player in the oil and gas sector, with petrol stations scattered across various regions.

Damm Brewery

Damm is a notable Spanish brewery, and its ownership added a different sector to Coll’s portfolio, allowing him to diversify his business interests.

Other Investments

Apart from his inherited businesses, Coll also ventured into other industries. He was a part-owner in Ebro Foods, a Spanish food company, and had property interests through the company Sacyr. These additional investments further strengthened his position as a leading businessman.

Personal Life

Demetrio Carceller Coll led a private life, balancing his time between his residence in London and Portugal. He was married and had four children. His son, Demetrio Carceller Arce, has since taken over the reins of the family businesses, ensuring that the Carceller legacy continues into the next generation.

Demetrio Carceller Coll passed away on September 29, 2023, at the age of 93. His passing marked the end of an era for the family businesses, but his legacy continues through his son and the empire he helped to sustain.

Coll’s influence in the business world was considerable, owing to his leadership and ownership of major companies across different sectors. He leaves behind a legacy not just as a successful businessman but also as a family man who ensured that his empire would continue to flourish through the next generation.