Amando de Miguel, Spanish sociologist, Died at 86


Amando de Miguel Rodríguez (20 January 1937 – 3 September 2023): Spanish Sociologist

Amando de Miguel Rodríguez, a distinguished Spanish sociologist, was born on 20 January 1937 in Pereruela. Raised in a rural community, he developed a deep understanding of society and its dynamics from an early age.

De Miguel’s academic journey led him back to his alma mater, the Complutense University of Madrid, where he excelled and eventually became a professor of sociology. His expertise was recognized globally, resulting in invitations to be a guest professor at esteemed institutions like the University of Valencia, the University of Barcelona, Columbia University, Yale University, the University of Florida, and El Colegio de México.

However, his life took a turn in 1981 when he left Catalunya due to concerns about potential repercussions after he published a manifesto advocating for language equality.

In addition to his teaching contributions, de Miguel significantly impacted the field of sociology through his writings. He shared his insights and knowledge by publishing articles in various prestigious journals and collaborating with renowned media outlets such as Colpisa, Cadena COPE, Época, La Razón, and Libertad Digital.

On 3 September 2023, Amando de Miguel passed away in Madrid at the age of 86. His legacy as a prominent sociologist and his valuable contributions to the understanding of society will forever be remembered and appreciated.