Denis Monette, Canadian writer and journalist, Died at 86


Denis Monette (6 December 1936 – 4 September 2023): Canadian Journalist and Author

Denis Monette was a notable Canadian journalist and author, recognized for his significant contributions in the world of literature and media. Born on 6 December 1936, he embarked on a successful career that encompassed journalism and later transitioned into the realm of writing.

Education and Early Career: Monette pursued his education at Collège André-Grasset, laying the foundation for his future endeavors. He began his professional journey as an editorial columnist for Le Lundi, showcasing his early passion for journalism and writing.

Career: With a penchant for journalism, Monette served as the director of Québecmag, a role that further honed his skills and expertise in the field. However, he later shifted his focus to become a writer, where he truly made his mark. Monette authored numerous books, showcasing his literary prowess. His first novel, in particular, gained considerable success and established him as a notable figure in the literary world.

Legacy and Passing: Denis Monette’s contributions to Canadian literature and journalism are highly regarded. He made a lasting impact on readers and fellow writers alike. Tragically, he passed away on 4 September 2023, at the Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal, at the age of 86. His legacy lives on through his literary works and the impact he made in the world of writing.