José Gregori, Brazilian jurist and politician, Died at 92


José Gregori (13 October 1930 – 3 September 2023): Brazilian Lawyer and Politician

José Gregori was a prominent Brazilian lawyer and politician, known for his contributions to human rights and justice. Born on 13 October 1930, Gregori became a distinguished figure in Brazilian political circles.

Throughout his career, Gregori was associated with significant political parties in Brazil, notably the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party and the Brazilian Social Democracy Party. His political journey was marked by a dedication to upholding human rights and ensuring justice in the nation.

Gregori held crucial governmental positions during his lifetime. He served as the Special Secretary for Human Rights from 1997 to 2000, emphasizing the importance of protecting and promoting human rights for all citizens. Later, he assumed the role of Minister of Justice, further advocating for fairness and the rule of law from 2000 to 2001.

Tragically, José Gregori passed away on 3 September 2023, reaching the age of 92. His contributions to the field of law and his efforts towards a just and rights-oriented society will be remembered and appreciated by the people of Brazil.