Kuniji Toda, Japanese engineer and politician, Died at 88


Kuniji Toda (18 November 1934 – 4 September 2023): Japanese Engineer and Politician

Kuniji Toda, known in Japanese as 戸田邦司 (Toda Kuniji), was a prominent Japanese engineer and politician. He was associated with the New Frontier Party and later the Liberal Party, making significant contributions in the political arena, particularly during his tenure in the House of Councillors.

Born on 18 November 1934, Toda pursued a path in engineering, showcasing his prowess and dedication in this field. However, he also felt a calling towards public service and political involvement, leading him to engage actively in politics.

Toda’s political career saw him as a member of the New Frontier Party and later the Liberal Party. He was elected to the House of Councillors, the upper house of the National Diet of Japan, and served diligently from 1995 to 2001. During his time in the House of Councillors, he worked on various issues and policies that aimed to contribute to the welfare and progress of the Japanese society.

On 4 September 2023, Kuniji Toda passed away at the age of 88. His legacy as an engineer and politician continues to be recognized, and his contributions to both fields are remembered with respect and honor in Japan.