Naldo Dasso, Argentine Olympic equestrian, Died at 92


Naldo Dasso (3 July 1931 – 2 September 2023): Argentine Equestrian and Olympian

Naldo Dasso, an accomplished equestrian hailing from Argentina, etched his name in Olympic history through his remarkable participation in equestrian events. Born on 3 July 1931, he dedicated his life to the sport he loved.

Dasso’s Olympic journey began with the 1956 Summer Olympics, where he showcased his equestrian prowess on a global stage. His exceptional skills and dedication to the sport earned him the privilege to represent Argentina once again at the 1960 Summer Olympics. These events were a testament to his talent and passion for equestrianism.

On 2 September 2023, at the age of 92, Naldo Dasso bid farewell to the world, leaving behind a legacy of sporting excellence. His contributions to equestrian sports will forever be remembered, and he will continue to inspire aspiring equestrians for generations to come.