Teté Caturla, Cuban singer, Died at 85


Regla Teresa García Rodríguez (Teté Caturla): A Cuban Music Icon

Regla Teresa García Rodríguez, fondly known as Teté Caturla, was a remarkable Cuban singer and director best known for her leadership of the vocal group Cuarteto d’Aida. Born on October 13, 1937, in Remedios, Villa Clara Province, Cuba, she was immersed in a musical family as the daughter of Alejandro García Caturla, a highly esteemed Cuban composer.

Teté Caturla embarked on her musical journey at a young age, making her debut with the Orquesta Anacaona. In 1963, she joined Cuarteto d’Aida, an all-female vocal group, and made significant contributions to the group’s success. Following the passing of Aida Diestro, the founder of the quartet, in 1973, Teté assumed leadership. Under her guidance, Cuarteto d’Aida embarked on numerous international tours, spreading the richness of Cuban music across the globe.

Even after retiring from the quartet, Teté Caturla continued her musical endeavors. She formed the group Rumba Tere, focusing on nurturing young musicians fresh out of music schools. Teté remained deeply connected to the traditional popular music of Cuba throughout her illustrious career. In recognition of her remarkable journey in music, a CD titled “Llegó Teté” was released in 2003 by Bis Music, celebrating her 40 years of professional contributions. The album went on to win the prestigious Gran Premio Cubadisco in the following year.

In addition to her prolific career, Teté Caturla made a notable appearance as a contributing singer in the 2015 video “Chan Chan – Song Around the World” by the Playing for Change movement. Her brief yet impactful performance showcased her talent and love for music.

On September 4, 2023, Teté Caturla bid farewell to the world at the age of 85. Her influence on Cuban music, particularly in the realm of vocal performances, continues to inspire and resonate with music lovers worldwide.