Yunus Bandu, Indonesian military officer, Died at 81


Yunus Bandu: Indonesian Military Officer and Respected Politician

Yunus Bandu (14 July 1942 – 4 September 2023) was a prominent figure in Indonesian politics, known for his roles as a military officer and a respected politician affiliated with the Golkar party. Born in Kalosi, a small town in South Sulawesi, on 14 July 1942, Yunus had a remarkable career that spanned both the military and political spheres.

Yunus Bandu’s journey began with his enrollment at the Indonesian Military Academy after completing high school. Rising through the ranks, he became a lieutenant colonel and assumed various significant positions within the military. One notable role was as the commander of the Cianjur military district for a brief period in 1983. Later, he served as the chief of staff of the military area in Central Sulawesi.

In 1988, Yunus Bandu transitioned into local governance and was voted into office as the regent of Sidenreng Rappang. During his tenure, he initiated a platform called ‘tudang sipulung’ (‘sitting together’), fostering discussions on agricultural matters among agricultural officials, farmers, and elders.

After completing his term as regent in Sidenreng Rappang in 1993, Yunus was nominated by the central government for the position of regent in the Luwu Regency. Despite facing opposition from local groups, he assumed the role and proposed the construction of an Islamic center during his term.

Yunus Bandu was an influential figure within the Golkar party. In 1993, during a local conference of the South Sulawesi branch of Golkar, Yunus was a strong candidate for the position of chairman, but he eventually withdrew his candidacy, allowing Amin Syam to be elected unopposed.

Tragically, Yunus Bandu passed away on 4 September 2023, at the age of 81, at the Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital in Makassar. His contributions to Indonesian politics and local governance have left a lasting legacy, and he will be remembered for his dedication and service to the nation.