Amin Syam, Indonesian politician, Died at 77


Amin Syam, born on 12 December 1945 in Bone, South Sulawesi, was a notable Indonesian military officer and politician affiliated with Golkar. His career encompassed military service and political leadership, particularly as the governor of South Sulawesi from 2003 to 2008.

Education and Military Career: Amin Syam began his journey in agriculture at Hasanuddin University but transitioned to the Indonesian Military Academy. He graduated in 1965 and commenced his military service in West Java, eventually holding significant positions in various military commands, contributing notably during conflicts with rebel groups in South Sulawesi.

Political Career: Transitioning into politics, Amin Syam served as the regent of Enrekang, fostering relationships with influential figures and implementing impactful programs, including family planning initiatives. He ascended within Golkar, becoming its South Sulawesi chairman and later achieving the rank of brigadier general. His tenure saw significant electoral success and a vocal stance against the Suharto regime.

In 2003, Syam ran for governor of South Sulawesi, securing victory alongside running mate Syahrul Yasin Limpo. His term witnessed the formation of the West Sulawesi province, leading to legal battles regarding financial assistance. Amidst accusations of budget misuse, Syam navigated a challenging tenure.

Death: Amin Syam passed away on 1 September 2023, succumbing to kidney failure in Makassar at the age of 77. He was interred at Panaikang Heroes Cemetery, leaving behind a legacy in both the military and political realms.

These details provide a glimpse into Amin Syam’s influential journey, marked by dedication to public service and significant contributions to the Indonesian political landscape.